Safety tips for outdoor recreation

Safety tips for playing outside

Summer days are right here, and all that fun outside is calling us like a mermaid to a sailor, it cannot be resisted, on that season we have summer vacations and the weather is benevolent with us letting us enjoy a lot of activities in the open air that we usually can’t perform during winter days.


Outdoor recreation is a very important part of our time of leisure, for example, sun provides vitamin D, and being in middle of the magnificence of mother nature helps people with stress, depression, anxiety, creativity and much more, there are a lot of activities we can enjoy in the open air like hiking, horse riding, fishing, kayak, camping, etc., also, many sports, with all the benefits they have, are played outside too.


Tips to be safe outside


Besides all the fun, outside recreation has some risk, even something that we do regularly, like sports, there are emergencies that can make us suffer a lot if we are not properly prepared, weather, criminals, accidents, wild and dangerous animals, etc., so here are some tips to face the unexpected issues that may appear.


  • Do some research, if you’re going to travel (and you will do camping for example), look for some relevant information about the area you plan to visit, emergency services, local regulations, etc., don’t wait until an emergency happens to start to look for a hospital nearby or the closest public phone.


  • Wear the appropriate clothes, take in count the weather, the distance, the activity you will perform, clothes may be the difference between a great outdoor recreation and a really bad experience.


  • Be in good physical condition, plan your trip thinking in the weakest member of your group, of he or she can do it, so will do it the rest of the group, it is important to know your limits and get approval from your health provider, and remember stretching and training, before perform the activity you have planned.


  • Don’t travel alone, specially if you will do camping, if you are going to visit a place near, two people are enough but for remote places a group of minimum 4 persons will be required, it is also important that you leave a copy of your itinerary with a trusted person, give him or her information about the car you’re using, the equipment you’re taking with you, schedule etc.


  • Learn basic first aid and take with you a first aid kit, this is very important, you need to include in your kit all the medication needed by you and your group.


  • Get information about weather, and take that in count when you’re planning the activities to be performed.


  • If you’re going to be outside during hunting season you must follow some advises like, be very visible to avoid being shot by accident, also get some information about the places allowed for hunting.