5 ways to have fun outside with your kids

The life as an adult can be stressful and full of responsibilities that leave us with just a little time to spare. Most of the time, we use this free time to rest, watch TV or maybe check our phones, but there are some little guys around the house that are full of creativity and joy and might brighten up your days, yes, your kids. Children are always in the pursuit of fun, and that might be a little exhausting for us adults, but these are moments you will enjoy and cherish later on, so don’t miss these 5 ways to have fun outside with your kids.

The first way will spark your creativity. Almost every kid has tons of fun while watching American Ninja Warrior, so think how to create an obstacle course. It sounds challenging, but it might be easier than you think with the usage of playground stations, logs, slides and many other. Make it child safe and get a stopwatch to show your kids how fast they are and keep them motivated!

Now we come to the second way and it consist to prepare for a war. Of course, this is not about violence, au contraire; the healthiest way to engage on a war with your kid is with water balloons. This activity is perfect for hot summers and you’ll only need a pack of small balloons, water and a little patience while filling them. You can wage a little battle on your backyard or you can invite your kid’s friends and make it even more epic. If summer is still far from arriving and you live in a snowy zone, then throw a snowball battle, the same principle and with even less work.

The next activity is good for you and for your child’s development. Practicing a sport will always be a nice way to have fun outside with your little ones, teaching them your favorite sport or getting to know theirs could be a nice exchange. One of the easiest to play is football (soccer) since you’ll need just a ball and a pair of posts (that can be literally anything) to build a goal. Also, girls love sports as well; this is not just a boy’s activity.

If your children got an artist spirit, then it’s time to help them being creative. Get a box of colorful chalk and start drawing, taking pictures of your masterpieces, washing it and starting over. They’ll learn from your techniques and vice versa. After this, you can make a nice galleria of your creations.

Last but not least, don’t drive everywhere when you’re with them. Going around the town while having a nice walk will let you both enjoy more things that are often ignored because of a quick passing by. Tell them what’s new, what does people do in those places, have an ice cream cone or many other.

It is important to share time with your kids, and you can make it fun for both!