4 games you must know to have fun playing outside

Games You Must Know To Have Fun With Your Kids

Summer is here, and the weather is nice and warm, therefore everyone want to have fun outside, specially kids, they are very active and they really love that, being inside home may be a little bit stressing, some people, like kids, can feel themselves like trapped when they spent too much time inside, being outside is healthy and really relaxing, besides sports, ball games, and activities like skating for example, there are some classic games that will guarantee hours of healthy fun.


Classic and funny  games to have fun outside


There are many games to have fun outside, sports like soccer, basketball, cycling, etc., activities like skating or picnic, but these four games are the top of the top, the classic games we played when we were kids and we never forget.


1- Treasure hunt, take an object, something shiny that your kids may want, or take a small decorated box and hide inside a “coupon” valid for something your kids love like ice cream or pizza for example, then hide the object or the box with the “coupon” in it, and leave some clues or a treasure map and let your kids find the treasure.


2- Hide and seek, this is a classic and very old game that many of us have played when we were children, someone close or cover his or her eyes and counts until some predetermined number while the rest of kids hide, when the kid counting finishes, he or she starts to look for the hidden ones, they also can use a “base” and if the hidden kids reach it, they are “safe”.


3- Capture the flag, this game is ideal for large groups, divide the kids into two teams, each team will have in their base a flag or an object that works as a marker, the object of the game is to run to the opponent’s base take the flag and put it in your own base, prisoners can be taken if you tag an opponent and lead him or her to your “jail” but that prisoner can be free if one of his or her mates runs into the opponent’s base and tag him or her.


4- Tag, this is the most popular and simple game ever, a group of kids choose one among them as “it” this kid runs chasing the other kids trying to tag them with his or her hand, the tagged kids then becomes the new “it”, and so the fun continues until they are tired, there are versions of this game, like shadow tag, where the object is to tag other´s shadow using the foot, another version is freeze tag, when a kid is tagged, he or she is “frozen” until another kid tags him or her to unfreeze.